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screenshot from Educade
screenshot from Educade

According to the article on PR Web, “Educade provides a one-stop shop for K-12 teachers and parents seeking to understand how to effectively use 21st century teaching tools, such as apps and games, as well as low and no tech tools that focus on hands-on making.”  It is a site that is in Beta right now, but looks very promising as a resource for educators who are looking for ways to engage learners with non-traditional methods.

As you can see from the screen shot, the lessons include all sorts of tools, including augmented reality ( I am definitely going to add some of these to my Flipboard magazine!), games, apps, etc…  It also includes one that I hadn’t heard of, “Embodied Learning,” which I had to look up!  (Here is a link to an explanation of “Embodied Learning” just in case you are wondering…)

I also am thrilled that one of the subjects is “Design and Engineering,” which has a subtopic of “Game Design.”  Coding, along with augmented reality, are two of the trending topics in Education for this school year, and I am excited to find another resource for trying to integrate both of these.

Educade also gives you the option to choose the platform that you are using, such as an iPad, Tablet, PC, or Mac.

As a relatively new site, Educade, does not have an endless supply of lessons, yet.  Hopefully, that will change quickly.  If you are interested in contributing to the site, you can register for free, and then add your own lesson plan, teaching tool, or post.  But even if you don’t feel comfortable adding to the site, I definitely recommend checking it out for ideas if you are interested in 21st century learning tools – and don’t forget to check out their blog while you are there!

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