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Sorted Book Shelfies

Book "Shelfie" from Joy Kirr's blog
Book “Shelfie” from Joy Kirr’s blog

I absolutely love this idea from Joy Kirr!  (Joy got the idea after seeing this.)  After I saw it, I couldn’t wait to include it in a Phun Phriday post! Instead of “selfies” (pictures of yourself), you are challenged to take “shelfies” (pictures of you with your book collection).  I think it’s great how Joy has made it into a contest with 3 different categories.  And, of course, the prize is a book!  I’m going to build on the idea a bit here, and tie it into another interesting book photo concept.  Artist Nina Katchadourian has a “Sorted Books” project, which is compiled of photographs of certain books together.  Each photograph conveys a certain message with the book titles.

One of my favorite "Sorted Books" photos by artist Nina Katchadourian
One of my favorite “Sorted Books” photos by artist Nina Katchadourian

So, I’m going to challenge my students to do a “Sorted Books Shelfie”.   Check out the example below!

Sorted Books Shelfie
Sorted Books Shelfie: Wayside School is Falling Down/The Sixty-Eight Rooms/Into the Blue/Rats

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