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Gifts for the Gifted 2013

image from the Makedo Blog
image from the Makedo Blog

Last year, I started a series of Friday posts in November called, “Gifts for the Gifted.”  I teach gifted elementary students, and parents often ask me about possible gift ideas as the holidays approach.  If you missed last year’s posts, or would like to revisit them, here is a link to get you started.  Also, I keep a Pinterest board with gift suggestions.

By the way, don’t be fooled by the title.  “Gifts for the Gifted” just sounded better than “Gifts to Engage Your Kids in Learning While They Think They’re Just Having Fun.”

Also, I don’t get paid for these posts – so all of my suggestions are based on my very humble opinion.

To get this party started, I’m going to recommend you take a look at the Makedo website.  Let’s face it, besides when you move, the only other time you are faced with a bunch of boxes is during the holidays.  And Makedo can give your child the tools for transforming those boxes into characters, works of art, magical vehicles, and arcade games.  With guided kits, the new Box Props selection, and all sorts of child-friendly tools like saws, hinges, and clips, there will be no limit to your child’s imagination.

I got to experience the Makedo products firsthand when we participated in the Global Cardboard Challenge.  The students loved the flexibility that the hinges and clips gave them.  Some of them were frustrated with the saws, but others insisted on using them even when I offered to cut something out with the box-cutter.  More than a few completely changed their project designs when they saw the new options available to them from the kit I ordered.

You know those holiday afternoons when everyone is stuffed and zoned in front of the t.v., boxes and wrapping paper strewn everywhere? How about having a Family Cardboard Challenge?  Kids going stir crazy during those numerous days off from school?  Put them in a room with a bunch of boxes and a Makedo kit.  You will be amazed at the hours of intense concentration on creation!

If you want to inspire them, here are a couple of videos that might spark their imagination:

Caine’s Arcade

Above and Beyond

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