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Design Squad

Design Squad

Recently, I did a post on Engineering for Girls Resources, and included Design Squad as one of the resources.  I realized, though, that Design Squad really deserves its own post, so here you go!

As Maker Education becomes more and more prevalent in schools, Design Squad, a product of PBS Kids, is the perfect website for finding projects for elementary aged children.  Similar to, it has everything from “Hack a Greeting Card” to “Build a Blaster.”  There are videos and instructions galore.  You can choose by topics of interest, such as:  food, art, sports, etc…

Design Squad includes resources for Parents and Educators here.  There are lesson plans and other links for the adults who want to get kids involved in hands-on engineering projects.

The site features a “Top Builder” challenge.  Today, November 6th, is the deadline for the current challenge, “Newspaper Power.”  But you can always take a look at the Past Challenges, and find some great ideas for your classroom, club, or at home.

Kids can also take the “Build it Better” challenge, such as designing school supplies that work better or clothes that you can wear in any kind of weather.

To enter the challenges, kids will need a log-in, but the great thing is that the log-in does not require any personal information.  Once students are logged in, they can also offer feedback on the other designs that have been uploaded by awarding stickers to the ones that they like.

Design Squad is a great site for involving kids in creating and problem-solving.  Whether you are using it in your classroom, after-school, or at home, it is sure to offer you ideas that will keep students engaged and excited.

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  1. I love Design Squad. I used the Invent It Build It guide with 3rd graders. They loved it and I loved how user friendly it is… and it’s free! I was excited to find that there are more guides on a variety of topics. Next I’ll be using Mission: Solar System with my after school club, Young Astronauts.

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