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Sifteo Cubes

Sifteo Cubes
Sifteo Cubes

It’s Friday again, which means another episode of “Gifts for the Gifted.”  This is a series that I do in November and December to give suggestions for those of you shopping for holiday gifts for your students and/or children.  So far this month, I’ve posted about “Scrabble Flash” and “Makedo“.  You can view more recommendations on my Pinterest board.

This week, I offer you Sifteo Cubes.  They are similar to the Scrabble Flash game I reviewed last week – but they do so much more!  Of course, with the added functionality comes a heftier price.  Based on my daughter’s reaction to them last Christmas, however, they are well worth it.

My daughter, who is 10, can quickly lose interest in gifts that she receives.   I was worried that the Sifteo Cubes, which were at the top of her list last year, might suffer the same fate.  Fortunately, there was no need for concern.  Once the gift was unwrapped, it got the entire family’s attention.

A set of Sifteo Cubes includes 3 cubes that are pre-loaded with 4 different games, and a base.  The base is the key because you can connect it to your computer to download more games.  (You do have to pay for new games.)  You can also add on cubes.

The cubes interact with each other.  If you go to the Sifteo website, you can see video of the cubes in action.  The number of people who might want to play with them depends on the game.  One of my personal favorites is “Word Caravan.”

Sifteo has provided a few resources called “Creativity Kit“, which shares how the cubes can be used to develop Spatial Reasoning, Literacy, Perception, Pattern Recognition, and Collaboration.

At a price of $129 on Amazon, the Sifteo cubes are not cheap.  But, our family has found them to be worth it.

Now, I just need to convince my daughter to let me take them to my classroom…

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