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Growth Mindset Videos

image from Growth vs. Fixed Mindset video
image from Growth vs. Fixed Mindset video

I’ve been collecting more and more resources on developing a “Growth Mindset.”  Today I wanted to share with you some videos that could be used to teach students about the value of embracing challenges and finding a way to learn from mistakes.

A little bit more advanced (vocabulary-wise) than the book, Your Fantastic Elastic Brain, this video from SciShow, “Your Brain is Plastic,” shows the importance of continuing to learn and making connections in your brain.

“Growth vs. Fixed Mindset” has great graphics that highlight the main differences between these two mindsets.

This 10 minute video of Eduardo Briceno at TEDx Manhattan Beach would be good to show older students, parents, and teachers.

Here are some more mindset resources, and a link to the post I did last week  about a lesson I did with my 1st graders about mindset.  Also, here is a link to my Growth Mindset Pinterest Board.

UPDATE 1/27/15 – Here is another great Growth Mindset Video that you might want to show elementary students!

UPDATE 8/16/16 – My elementary students adore this set of short animated videos about growth mindset from Class Dojo!

10 thoughts on “Growth Mindset Videos”

  1. Terri,
    These are amazing! I think this is a fabulous way for our students to ‘see’ the concept of a growth mindset. It is so important that we address the learning styles of all of our students, including those that prefer watching videos/images.
    It is also important to remember that students may be ‘framed’ into fixed mindsets by their teachers, which is why I also appreciate your inclusion of a video to share with teachers and parents.
    I have almost finished reading Dweck’s book, and it has been a fantastic experience for me, I really have learned so much about mindsets, and the impact either type of mindset can have on one’s life. Hopefully, by reading this book, I will be propelled on my journey to share the concept with the teachers in my school- to benefit of both their students and them!
    Thanks again for a great post, I enjoyed ‘viewing’ it!

  2. Awesome videos!! Thanks Terri. I only watched the first two so far. The 2nd one is really awesome. I’m passing it around…

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