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Pencil Code Gym and Code Studio

I’ve just added two new resources to my Programming for Kids Pinterest Board: Pencil Code Gym and Code Studio.  I haven’t played with either one of them, yet – but they look like they are worth exploring.

The "Draw" interface from Pencil Code Gym
The “Draw” interface from Pencil Code Gym

Pencil Code Gym gives you the opportunity to code your own art, music, or fiction.  It looks fairly elementary, but definitely best used by good readers if they are to work independently.

Code Studio from
Code Studio from

Code Studio is a new offering from, who sponsors the annual Hour of Code.  It allows for teachers to sign up and to monitor classes of students as they work through coding lessons.  You can read more about this new, ambitious project here.

I have many coding resources for students on my blog and Pinterest board.  If you are interested in participating in a Twitter chat about the topic, join in on #kidscancode every Tuesday night, 8 PM EST, hosted by @kodable.  It’s a great group of educators with many fabulous ideas!


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  1. I have started Course 2 with my third grade classes. It is awesome. I have a draft post about it. There is so much that I really like about it and the kids love it too. We also are using Scratch Jr. on the iPads which is great. I haven’t looked at the first one you mentioned but will check it out. Thanks!

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