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Sir Ken Robinson – Full Body Education

I’ve featured Zen Pencils cartoons on here a few times.  The artist Gavin Aung Than is very talented and creates amazing cartoons based on inspirational quotes.  His latest illustration comes from Sir Ken Robinson’s famous TED talk, “How Schools Kill Creativity.”  The need for a “full body education” is one that I think many educators find is being stifled by the ever-increasing dominance of standardized tests.

image from: "Sir Ken Robinson - Full Body Education" by Gavin Than of Zen Pencils
image from: “Sir Ken Robinson – Full Body Education” by Gavin Aung Than of Zen Pencils

Sir Ken Robinson did an interesting interview about this talk on the TED Radio Hour episode, “The Source of Creativity”, which also includes Sting, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Charles Limb.  It is an extremely intriguing hour that I highly recommend.

Also, Gavin Than has a book coming out in November, 2014, which you might want to consider.  It will include many of the favorite comics featured on his website.

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