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Kid President has joined with this week to promote their #SimplyGiveThanks campaign.  He is producing a short video on Facebook each day with a challenge to give thanks.  In Tuesday’s video, the wonderful young man asked for people to give thanks to teachers.  To participate in this, or to give thanks to anyone in your life you deeply appreciate, you can make a short video.  Then post it to a social network and tag it, “#simplygivethanks and @BeGenerus.”

The initial invitation to join the campaign from can be found here.  Kid President’s first video announcing his support is on this page.  Each day the new challenges are posted on Facebook.  You can find “The Best of…” videos here.   Episode 8 has a sweet tribute from a 5th grade class, as well as Kid President and a son’s grateful words to his parents.

Mrs. Green's 5th Grade Class Gives Thanks
Mrs. Green’s 5th Grade Class Gives Thanks

As always, please preview all videos before you show them to your students.  If you would like some more inspirational videos for students, check out this Pinterest Board!

Kid President asks you to #simplygivethanks
Kid President asks you to #simplygivethanks

On another note, I am teaching my 1st graders about perspective, so I asked them to think about what teachers might be thankful for.  I agreed with most of their ideas.  I love hugs and dogs.  Stuffing is okay, and earrings are fun.  But then I wasn’t too sure about this student’s #15 – martinis…

Thankful Teacher

After closer inspection, I realized it might be #1 instead of #15, and that it probably says, “Smartness.”

I think.

If I’m right, then I’m pretty sure he meant the smartness of my students and not my own intelligence, which most of my students have discovered isn’t all that high.

I give thanks for students who make me smile and laugh every day 🙂

4 thoughts on “#SimplyGiveThanks”

  1. Love the martinis. Every year our family produces A Thankful Alphabet. We use the letter of the alphabet as prompts. I applaud your “smartnis”.
    with a smile, a belly laugh and a grateful heart,
    Elaine Helle
    Founder of Global Belly Laugh Day, January 24

  2. I really like this idea. I’m going to have my kiddos do the principal so I don’t just outright copy you completely (I’ll post them this weekend)! 🙂 But as usual, I am thankful for the inspiration! 🙂

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