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Making It

I love StoryCorps, the oral history project that has recorded over 50,000 interviews since 2003.  You can listen to many of these interviews on their site, and you can also view some that have been transformed into animations.  One of my previous posts was about one of these animations, “Eyes on the Stars.”  (Not all of them are appropriate for all age levels, so please preview before you show them to students.)

Making It

Making It” is a relatively new addition to the site (September, 2014). This dialogue between a young man and his high school teacher is very inspirational.  It’s about hard work and perseverance – and making your mom proud.  For those of you who like to teach your students the value of grit, this video will support that message very well.

If you would like to find more Inspirational Videos for Students, check out my Pinterest Board here.

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