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The Dinosaur that Hatched an Easter Egg

During my perpetual quest for the perfect Phun Phriday post (something that is fun and has zero educational value – but is appropriate for most audiences), I happened to read a tweet from Joe Hanson (@jtotheizzoe) about his new addiction to playing a game with the Google Chrome Dinosaur that appears whenever you try to access a site and your internet connection isn’t working.

Strangely, I have seen a lot of that dinosaur this week.  Apparently my router decided to implode.

I probably would have diagnosed the issue faster if I wasn’t ridiculously entertained by trying to get T-Rex to jump over cacti.

Don't pay attention to the score.  I just wanted to get a screen shot to show you.
Don’t pay attention to the score. I just wanted to get a screen shot to show you;)

If you hit the space bar when the dinosaur appears, you will find yourself less concerned about what happened to your wi-fi and more interested in getting your prehistoric, flapless bird past the swiftly approaching obstacles.  It’s kind of like Google’s way of saying, “Hey, don’t be mad at us because a website isn’t working; be mad at yourself because you have zero thumb-eye coordination. ”

What’s really bad is when your internet connection is actually working and you deliberately disable it to try to beat your embarrassingly low score that was topped by your 12-year-old daughter the first time she played the game.

Not that I’m judging anyone…

Here are some other Google Easter Eggs if you are interested!

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