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I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon

I don’t know if you recognize the title of this post as a Sesame Street song (I didn’t), but it is.  The song was written by Jeff Moss, but there is a new cover of it that appears in this Laughing Squid post.

screen shot from Dave Werner's cover of Sesame Street's "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon"
screen shot from Dave Werner’s cover of Sesame Street’s “I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon”

Dave Werner is the artist responsible for this delightful version.  I’m embedding his video below.  However, the Laughing Squid post is worth visiting as it includes the original version as well as a beautiful video that explains how Dave Werner made his rendition, which is truly a love letter to family, Sesame Street, and the incredible talent of Jim Henson.

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