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Online Summer Courses

If parents and students have been asking you about ways to stave off that summer slump, here are some online courses that I have been suggesting to the parents and students in my community:

  • Camp Wonderopolis: Free, and you can sign up as a “Camp Counselor” to tailor the curriculum if you like.

Camp Wonderopolis

Maker Camp

  • Camps: Not free, but the first one is only $10.  There is a Lego Camp!

DIY Camps

Remember, students who have adults encouraging them and sometimes working alongside them will get far more out of any online course than most students who are left to navigate courses on their own!

Another way to go might be to give your student one or more of these creative ideas that I saw tweeted by @KarlyB this morning.  They are all using free iPad apps.  (Some may also be available on other devices.)


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