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YummyMath offers 13 Spooky October activities.  One that looks like fun to do with older students (depending on their math prowess, probably 4th-8th grades) is the “Cheap-otle” lesson.  Chipotle is apparently offering to sell $3 “Boo-ritos” to anyone who comes in after 5 PM on 10/31/15 wearing a costume with something unnecessary added.  The proceeds, up to one million dollars, will be donated to a charity.

YummyMath’s Cheap-otle lesson asks students to use math to figure out how likely it will be for Chipotle to reach that $1,000,000 mark.  A printable handout is provided.

The commercial included in the lesson is pretty fun – but definitely not appropriate for elementary students as the “H” word is used.  You can also view some “Unneces-scary” examples here.

from Chipotle’s “Unneces-scary” video

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