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Feebo, Not Chee

Feebo, Not Chee is my latest attempt at doing a Digital Breakout.  Like the previous one, this one is designed for 4th grade students.  Ideally, they would work on it independently.  The pages are not in the same order as the clues, and there are a couple of links to external sites on this one.  If you are an educator who needs answers to this breakout, please e-mail me at engagetheirminds@gmail.com

Feebo, Not Chee! Digital Breakout Link

6 thoughts on “Feebo, Not Chee”

  1. This is great! My students are working on it now. I’m actually glad I do not have the answers. It is forcing them to struggle without any hints from me! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. what a great idea to use the google form like that!
    Is it possible there is a carrot or 2 missing in the puzzle?

  3. I LOVE this. I can’t believe I waited so long for my students to try solving one of your digital puzzles.

    I originally read the title as three separate words. It wasn’t until one of my students read the words slowly together that I understood what it was supposed to say. Brilliant 🙂

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