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Stoke Deck

Update 7/30/2021: You can now access a virtual version of Stoke Deck here.

Stanford’s is one of my go-to resources for anything creative, so I was a bit surprised when I found this particular one completely by accident.  I was looking for unique team-building tools, and “Stoke Deck” popped up.  This free printable has 28 different activities that will help students to “Boost Energy, Create Focus, Get Personal, Nurture Camaraderie, and Communicate Mindsets.”  They are each short exercises that can be used before starting a lesson – or even as a quick break during instruction.  Some of them, like “Blind Disco,”  may require an established history of trust before you try them.  Others, like “Long Lost Friends,” might be good for introductions.  Almost all of them were new to me, so I can’t wait to try them!

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  1. When I look through the Stoke Deck, I am surprised that almost all of the exercises are drama games made famous by Viola Spolin and other theatre practitioners. I am disappointed that credit has not been given.

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