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Interactive Google Slides Templates

UPDATE 8/10/2021: For more ideas on ways to design your slide decks, check out my new post here.

With many schools beginning the 2020-2021 school year virtually, a lot of generous educators have been sharing interactive templates to use with Google Slides.  I have been bookmarking sites as I find them on Twitter, and I thought it would be nice to have a curated list here.  I am also sharing this link, which I think is a huge game changer, on how to update student Google Slide Decks after you’ve already shared them in Google Classroom.  (Video by Jessica Wilding)  Remember that you will need to make a copy of each presentation in order to use it and edit it.  Since there are a lot, I tried to put some examples next to each one to give you some idea of what is included in each set.

  • Peel the Fruit Slides Activity includes a template for this Visual Thinking Routine, along with a link to some other Visual Thinking Routine templates.
  • Templates and Games created and shared by @EtownScience (Each slide in this original presentation can be clicked on to access a presentation you can copy and use.) Includes Scrabble, a Netflix template, and many more!
  • Templates created and shared by @KrissyVenosdale. Includes Fridge Poetry and Post-It Notes with a few others.
  • Interactive Slides for any Content Area created and shared by @TheresaWills.  Includes SO MUCH, like collaborative math manipulatives and Would You Rather.
  • Open Middle Problems slides by @DanShuster, adapted from the Open Middle math site created by @RobertKaplinsky.
  • Graphic Organizer Templates created and shared by @DrCDMendoza. Includes Venn Diagram, Cause & Effect, and others.
  • Depth and Complexity Slides adapted from the work of Bette Gould and Sandra Kaplan, slides created by @Venezia_Megan. Includes the icons and thinking prompts with areas to enter responses.
  • Google Slides Templates curated by @HistorySandoval. Includes Hyperslides, a TED Talk viewing guide, and more from various contributors.
  • Notebooks, Manipulatives, Choice Boards and Games created and shared by the incredible @SlidesMania.
  • Free Templates from Mrs. Park (@MrsParkShine) Includes several types of Check-In templates and Learning Stations Menus.

Let me know if you have any other collections that I should add!  Also, remember you can quickly make your own slides interactive by using one of my favorite tools, PearDeck!

“Peel the Fruit” Slides activity adapted from Project Zero Visible Thinking Routines

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7 thoughts on “Interactive Google Slides Templates”

  1. Wow, a plethora of helpful resources just when we need it the most. I appreciate your willingness to seek out these resources and share them so freely. You are a gem!

  2. This is incredible! Thank you so much for sharing this curated resource. From my first days of teaching, I have loved the concept that teachers share with each other, that we’re one big community. I’m blown away by the creativity out there! Thanks again! (And a particular shout out to April who shared your page with me!)

  3. Amazing! Thanks for sharing. I am looking to “step up” my presentation (ELeanring Adventure) for high school LD Resource. I’m floundering with exactly knowing how I want to present my information. How can I gain access to your templates?

  4. I am the author of the EduProtocols and i see that you have copyrighted material linked in your website without proper attribution or minding our sharing policy at We are thrilled that you love the EduProtocols and want to share them, but we want to help you do it properly! Please reach out to me by email clarify how you may share our content. Thanks for supporting our work as we are just teachers, too!

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