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Create a Custom Animation in Canva

Along with a number of other new features, Canva just released a new custom animation tool which I think is going to be really useful to teachers — especially when creating presentations and videos. For awhile, Canva has given us the option to animate text and elements with the standard choices you will find in many other programs, such as to have them “pop” or “drift” into the canvas. But now once you choose an element and select, “Animate” from the top menu, you will see a new button that allows you to “Create an Animation” by dragging your element around to design your own path.

If you want to see how useful this can be for education, take a look at the Tweet I’ve embedded below that demonstrates using this feature in a presentation about digestion.

Canva even offers the template to this exact presentation if you’d like to customize it for yourself here.

I believe that you can also do something similar in Powerpoint and Keynote, but not yet in Google Slides (Google for Edu is rolling out a bunch of new upgrades, though, so you should watch for those.) However, Canva’s is the most user-friendly method that I’ve seen so far. Plus, you’ve gotta love those magic keyboard shortcuts you can use when you present!

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