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Brain Games

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National Geographic’s Brain Games series airs on Monday nights and covers topics from “How Closely Do You Pay Attention?” to “Do You Believe Your Eyes?”  Tonight’s episode is “The Power of Persuasion”, and it’s the 5th one of the 12 for this season.  The show is “chock full of interactive games and experiments designed to mess with your mind and reveal the inner-workings of your brain.”

Watching the show is fascinating, of course, but the website has some great features, too.  For example, as each episode airs, a new challenge is issued on the “Brain Profile” page.  I took the challenge for this week’s episode, and found out, surprisingly, the following:

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I’m still trying to decide if I should make a t-shirt proclaiming this or just print it out and stick it on one of my car windows…

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Piece of Mind

Following along with yesterday’s post on Brain Games, KB Connected brought another site to my attention that allows you learn more about the way the mind works.  This one, Piece of Mind, uses flash-based games in order to help you “train your brain” in the areas of Memory, Attention, Executive Function, Logic & Reasoning, and Visual Perception.  My favorite game was “Triplets”, which is similar to the card game, “Set.”  I did horribly on “Face It” – mostly because it took me a few minutes to figure out what I was doing.
The site appears to be a work in progress, as some of the links do not lead to anything, and it advertises that more games will be “coming soon.”  It will be interesting to see what is added in the coming months.