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Joe Hanson from “It’s Okay to Be Smart” and Meredith Walker from “Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls” recently teamed up to collect videos from anyone interested in making a tribute to a female science hero. You can view a compilation of some of the clips from the videos they received here.  The entire collection of videos is available in this playlist.  I have not viewed all of the videos, but the compilation one is a great way to give prospective young scientists a peek at some of the female role models that have inspired others to pursue a career in science.

While you are learning about some of the amazing women who have made significant scientific contributions you might also be interested in viewing the “Women in Science” series of art work by Rachel Ignotofsky.  These whimsical prints illustrate some of the admirable women from history who have made an impact in such fields as chemistry, engineering, and computer science.

Illustration of Rosalind Franklin by Rachel Ignofotsky
Illustration of Rosalind Franklin by Rachel Ignotofsky.  See more prints and purchase them here.

Because I have been collecting so many STEM resources in recent weeks, I have started a “STEM Inspiration” Pinterest Board.  Let me know in the comments section if you find any other links I should add to the board!