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Gamification of the Classroom

courtesy of Mr Daley

In my post that featured a TED talk on Classroom Game Design, I mentioned the interest that I have in trying to use the interest that my students have in gaming to engage them in the classroom.  Rather than having them play video games in the classroom, I am considering making the classroom, itself, into a game-type environment.  I found this wonderful post by Mr. Daley that gives some great tips on trying to “gamify” your classroom.  I have a grand scheme to integrate Mr. Daley’s ideas, Genius Hour, and Teaching with Tournaments into my 5th grade Gifted and Talented class next year.  As usual, I am biting off far more than I can teach, and it will probably dissolve into a sort of semi-controlled chaos.  But, I guarantee that the kids will have fun and they will learn! (You might also be interested in this case study, by Peter Ross, about a teacher named Kate Fanelli  who successfully used “gamification” to engage her students.)