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The Wonderful Wil Wheaton

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Almost a year ago, I posted an article called, “Why It’s Awesome to Be a Nerd.” It featured a video that was taken of Wil Wheaton responding to a question at the Calgary Comic Expo of 2013.  The question came from a mother in the audience who asked him to give advice to her daughter.

Trending on Twitter yesterday, I saw another video of Wil Wheaton.  This time, the former Star Trek star and current Awesomest Nerd of All Time was at Denver Comic Con in 2013, and answered a young girl who asked him how she should deal with being called a “nerd” by classmates.

Wheaton’s response is great.  What I love is that he recognizes that telling someone to ignore the hurtful tone of the words (because, let’s face it – being a “nerd” can be a compliment or insult depending on how it’s said) is not helpful.  He empathizes with the young girl, and gives her advice that encourages her to try to empathize with those who aren’t speaking kindly and gives her great hope for the future.

You can read more about Wil Wheaton’s recent comment in response to the conversation about the video on social networks in this article on Mashable.