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National Day of Making

making stuff

I know this is a big shock to my regular readers, but I happen to be a huge fan of creativity – which includes making “stuff.”  If you need proof, you can take a look at yesterday’s post, or maybe this one.

Apparently, I am not the only famous person who believes in the power of making.  A few other people happen to think it’s pretty cool, too: Joey Hudy, Super Awesome Sylvia, Google, etc… Oh, and the band, “OK Go” and the President of the United States.

President Obama has declared tomorrow, June 18th, 2014, as a National Day of Making.  On that date, the White House is sponsoring a Maker Faire.  But you don’t have to be present to participate. Anyone can be a maker pretty much anywhere (although I probably would not say that sentence in front of my gifted students, as they would be more than happy to point out places that might not be conducive to making, such as a court room during a trial).  For ideas on how to get involved, check out the video from OK Go embedded below, as well as some of these links: