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Physical Ways to Survive the Weeks Before Winter Break

This week I am revisiting some of last year’s posts that have a lot of helpful December links.  This one is about getting everybody moving! Whether it’s between assignments or for indoor recess (those of you who actually have weather that makes that necessary sometimes!), these links are sure to wake everyone up and get out some of those December  wiggles:)


One of the things that is really important any time of the year is to get the students up out of their seats.  But it’s particularly vital this time of year.  Attention spans are shorter and less time is spent out of doors in many places.  Here are some ideas for keeping active during the school day:

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Brain Breaks and Deskercises

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More and more research seems to be showing that performance in school can be enhanced by physical activity.  These two sites, Brain Breaks and Deskercises, will give you some great resources for short exercises that can easily be done during the school day.  Some of these are purely physical, and some require some mental exertions.  The key is to give your students an alternative to spending hours in their seats receiving information.  For more information on the benefits of adding more movement to our students’ school day, you can also check out this 2009 story from NPR.

Thanks to my colleague, P.E. Coach Jason Sellers, for bringing these to my attention!