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Academy of Achievement

The Academy of Achievement aims to “to bring aspiring young people together with real-life heroes.”  One way they are accomplishing this is by posting audio and video of interviews with leaders in different fields.  The videos include such eminent people as Steve Jobs and Maya Angelou, and many more.  In addition to the videos, the Academy of Achievement has curriculum resources for teachers.  Most of those resources are for grades 7-12, but there are a few, such as The Olympic curriculum, for as low as 4th grade as well.
On the “Keys to Success” page, the featured individuals are grouped by character traits such as “Passion” and “Vision.”  A fun tool for students is located on the “My Role Model” page, where you can find role models who are featured on the site based on some of your own individual traits.
Because some of the materials are designed for older students, I would advise that teachers preview all videos and materials before using them with their classes.

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