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Six Women Who Changed Science

image from: http://hydrogeneportfolio.tumblr.com/

These minimalistic posters, from Hydrogene Portfolio, could be good “hooks” for your students.  They could: research the women on the posters, try to find more women to add to the set and develop similar posters, discuss why there is not a set of six men who changed science (or, is there?), create sets of posters for another group (such as 6 children who changed the world or 6 books that changed literature).  Kaplan’s Depth and Complexity icons could be easily used:  How did science change over time as a result of the work of these women?  What ethics were involved in their contributions?  Does everyone see their work as positive?  What rules were changed as a result of their work?  To create a poster, you can try Glogster Edu or Big Huge Labs.

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