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Here we are again; it’s Friday, and time for another holiday post on “Gifts for the Gifted”.  You can see last week’s post here, and it will also give you links to my other recent Friday posts.  You might also enjoy my Pinterest board of “Games and Toys for Gifted Students”.

I have not had personal experience with Craniatics – yet.  I was skipping along on the web, looking for new ideas, and ran across the Parents’ Choice Toy Awards.  As I hunted through the lists, I found an intriguing description of Craniatics, and decided to do a little more research.  I then found this blog post that gives a very good in-depth review of the game.

Craniatics is packaged in a magnetic box, which makes it a good choice for long car or plane rides.  As Gabriel Fernandes described, “The included brainteasers are a mix of solitaire logic puzzles and multiplayer games with difficulties ranging from fairly easy to demanding.”

The recommended minimum age for Craniatics is 8.  My daughter is 10, and I have a feeling this might show up under the tree this year…

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