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Honk if You Love Someone

Here is another video, though it is in a different vein than yesterday’s post.  “Honk if You Love Someone” is a short (around 5 minutes) video produced by Sophia Pink.  On YouTube it is simply described as “One man’s quest to make a city smile.”  Massoud Adibpour is the subject of the film.  He is an engaging young man who lives in Washington, D.C., and came up with a simple plan to brighten the days of strangers.  This is a great inspirational film, which I will be adding to both of my Pinterest boards:  Inspirational Videos for Teachers and Inspirational Videos for Students.  (You can also read about my top 3 favorite videos for students and teachers.)I love Adibpour’s earnest ambition to make the world a better place.  If I were showing this to teachers, I would ask, “What are the simple things we can do each day to make our children smile?”  I recently assigned this video to my students as an Edmodo assignment, and asked them to explain if they thought Adibpour was creating positive, enduring change in the world, or if he is just wasting his time.  I also asked them to tell me what they thought might be good messages to put on Adibpour’s signs.

What would make you smile on your way to work?  Would you have a better day because of it?

You can click here to view the video if the embedded version does not play:  http://youtu.be/1EwYLZmkUxo

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