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Brain Teasers and Lateral Thinking Puzzles

photo credit: MuddyBootsPhoto via photopin cc
photo credit: MuddyBootsPhoto via photopin cc

Update 12/14/2022: Unfortunately this document is no longer available, but you can visit my collection of Brainteasers and Puzzles here.

“Kevin’s mother has three children. The first was called Alpha, the second was called Beta. What was the name of the third? “

I came across this document the other day, published by David Koutsoukis, and thought I would use a couple of these each week for transition times with my students.  During this “crunch time” of the second semester, my students are inundated with state tests and benchmarks.  These puzzles might alleviate a bit of the stress every once in awhile.  My students love riddles, and these are challenging, but short.

Answer to above:  Kevin (since it was his mother, and she only has three children)

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