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Visualizing Making a Difference

Created by Isabella at Dryden Elementary

I recently posted about Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show, and how I find it inspiring that Sylvia is not waiting around to pursue her dreams.  She is doing it now with her videos and, most recently, her WaterColorBot invention.

I like to have my students think about what difference they intend to make in the future.  We have used Time Magazine templates to create cover stories about their predicted accomplishments.  Because I am more of a technology person than an art person, these have not been anything that one might call a visual masterpiece.  However, after I ran across Tricia Fugelstad’s article, “Turn the Table on Tabloids” on her fantastic art blog, I think I am now armed with a better plan.

Tricia gives specific instructions for creating this fabulous magazine cover using free apps on the iPad.  It’s a great idea, and I appreciate that she shares the how-to because I am pretty sure I would not have discovered the process on my own.

With this new plan, and Sylvia’s example as an accomplished young person, I think I might change my lesson a bit.  Instead of envisioning a future 25 years ahead, I am going to ask the students to picture what they could do in the next year or so.  I might also use the Mark Bezos video to remind them that even the little things we do can make a huge difference.

If you have never visited Dryden Art’s “Fugleblog”, give yourself some time to browse through the projects.  I guarantee you will be inspired!

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