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International Dot Day and Augmented Reality Fun!

use ColAR to augment your Dot!
use ColAR to augment your Dot!

International Dot Day is coming up on September 15th!

In addition to all of the other exciting activities that you can do to celebrate International Dot Day, inspired by Peter Reynolds’ book, The Dot, you can now use the amazing ColAR app to really bring 3 dimensions to the party!

ColAR has released a special PDF that you can print and have your students color using their most creative design skills.  Once they have completed their dots, you can use the free ColAR app (available in iTunes or Google Play) to scan it (if you already have the app, you may need to update it for it to work with this project).  The dot will appear to jump off the page, and you can admire it from different perspectives as you move your iDevice or Android around the screen.  Click here for more instructions, and to download the PDF.

My daughter and I had great fun with the ColAR app this summer.  Unfortunately, you must pay for the full version now to use all of the pages they offer, but you can do a couple of free ones plus the Dot Day one with the free app.

Even though I am not meeting with my students yet as we are testing for the GT program, I plan to pass these out to my test-takers to take home and decorate.  Then, we can take a break from testing to “play” with their dots – and I can use their artistic creations to add some color to my room!

If you are interested in more ideas for International Dot Day, click here!

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