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Welcome to another Phun Phriday!  And this one promises to be fabulous!  RSCON starts today, Friday, October 11th!  It’s not too late to sign up for one of the 100’s of sessions that will be offered online for free from today through Sunday evening.  Click here to learn more!

One of the presenters during RSCON is Laura Gilchrist.  Her Saturday morning session is called, “Dry Erase Surfaces in the Classroom: Uncap Creativity, Expression, and Enthusiasm for Learning.”  Laura has IdeaPaint on her classroom tables, and has an excellent post showing great pictures of how the students use it to its full potential.  Isn’t it funny how writing on a dry-erase board is not nearly as fun as writing on a dry-erase table?

Check out this page from the IdeaPaint site that shows other examples of IdeaPaint in schools.

I like the idea that you can use other colors besides white!  I’m thinking of painting my tables neon colors, and putting the clear IdeaPaint over them.  What do you think?

Chain Reaction combined with our Umbrella metaphor --- around the_9688295269_l
from Laura Gilchrist’s “Shiny Happy Teachers” blog

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