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Everyartist Live!

Everyartist Live! is a project that is being hosted by the people at  I originally read about Everyartist Live! when Vicki Davis did an excellent post about it on her Cool Cat teacher blog.  Her post is quite thorough, so I would recommend that you read it to find out more about this upcoming event, scheduled for November 21st.

Those of you who participated in Dot Day or the Global Cardboard Challenge will probably find Everyartist Live! to be of particular interest.  According to the newsletter (which is a great read, by the way!), the purpose of the November 21st venture is the following: “Everyartist, at its core, seeks to unleash the creativity innate in every child. We are carrying out this mission by creating Everyartist Live! – a national, collaborative art event to engage a million elementary school children and create the largest art event in history. This event is a nationwide celebration of art and creativity. Overall, we are addressing the creativity crisis in our culture by building a tribe of parents, teachers and elementary school children, which fosters and celebrates creative thinking and art making. We want to help build the new generation of architects, creative thinkers, designers, engineers, innovators and scientists.”

I’m not sure what I’m getting into, but I signed myself up.  These people speak my language, and their cause is one that I am happy to promote.  I’m even adding it to my Engaging Events Calendar (on the right margin of this blog), so you know it must be important to me!

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