Math Monday

Last January, I confessed to being green with envy that New York City was getting a Museum of Mathematics.  My jealousy has slightly abated only because some of the resources are accessible online.  One of those resources is a partnership the museum is doing with Make magazine called, “Math Mondays.”  If you are excited by activities like “The Global Cardboard Challenge” or shows like “Design Squad” and “Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show,” then you may enjoy the integration of math into making that is featured here.  (By the way, I now have a Pinterest Board for “Make” resources here.) Here are a few of the neat projects your students might want to attempt:

Penny Sierpenski Triangle
Penny Sierpinski Triangle
Ball of Cards (template provided)
Ball of Cards (template provided)
Geometry Takes Flight
Geometry Takes Flight
Octahedron in a Balloon
Octahedron in a Balloon – See if your students can figure out how this was done before you show them the answer!

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