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The Art of Squiggle

For today’s Phun Phriday post, I want to share with you something that my students are certainly having a lot of “phun” with!  Brad Gustafson (@GustafsonBrad), the principal of Greenwood Elementary in Minnesota, just posted a social media challenge this week, and he is inviting everyone to participate.  Brad (who has been nominated for a Bammy Award) is all about the power of using social media in positive ways.  My 3rd graders got to Skype with him a couple of weeks ago to interview him about their Genius Hour projects, and he has connected my 5th grade class with one of his 5th grade classes (shout out to Mrs. Ray’s 5th grade!).  His students collaborate with 2 other schools on tri-state video projects using the TouchCast app, and, well, the man is just a dynamo in my book.

So, head over to Brad’s blog for details on the latest project, “The Art of the Squiggle,” where you can download a simple squiggle and transform it any way you like.  I have been giving it to all of my GT students this week, and I am so blown away by their ideas!  Who knew you could see so much in a squiggle?  Below are some that my 5th graders did yesterday.

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  1. I use “squiggles” periodically in my gifted classes, and the students love them! I love seeing what they create! One extension I do with them is to have the students write a short story based on their squiggle. It really gets them thinking and gets their creative juices going in their writing.

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