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Dads Who Do Lunch

I am pretty sure that my father never ever packed my lunch for school.  And even though my mother would surprise me periodically with sweet notes taped to the bag covering my standard peanut butter and jelly sandwich, these notes did not have the artistic flair that you see in the images below.  For today’s Phun Phriday post I will remind you that Father’s Day is quickly approaching here in the United States. It’s time to give credit to all of the men who do things like this and other wonderful things for their families.

Alex Feliciano decorates bananas for his sons.

Click here for more images!
Click here for more images!


David Laferriere should seriously start his own sandwich bag company.

Click here to see more of David Laferriere's creations.
Click here to see more of David Laferriere’s creations.


And you really must check out the unbelievable 3-dimensional works of food art from “Lunchbox Dad.”

Click here to view the Lunchbox Dad blog!
Click here to view the Lunchbox Dad blog!


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  1. Love these! So creative. I wanted thank you for posting the info on the Kids Philosophy Slam. I think my 1st Grader came in 2nd place in the 1st Grade category-they haven’t posted all the essays yet, but I can’t imagine another student applied from Texas with her name. She will be beyond excited! I wouldn’t even have known about it if it weren’t for you and your blog! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

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