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Maker Camp 2014

Maker Camp

For the past couple of years, Google and Make Magazine have partnered to sponsor an online Maker Camp each summer.  The 2014 Maker Camp runs from July 7th-August 15th.  There is a special theme for each week, and it includes projects, instructions, and virtual field trips.  You do not have to register ahead of time, but you do need a Google Plus account.  Since G+ is only available for 13 years old and above, a parent needs to be involved for younger participants.

If you do not want to actually register for the camp, there is still a wealth of resources from past camps available for those who are interested in making. You can access instructions for all kinds of projects (such as “How to Make a Vibrobot”) as well as videos (such as “Making Magic with Pixar“).  Some of the projects might require a trip to the store, but many use items from around the house.

Like the post I did yesterday on Camp Wonderopolis, this is another example of the multitude of activities that are available to inspire students to have fun learning and creating over the summer -and throughout the year.

I’ve included a video below from last year’s Maker Camp.  If you would like to access some other resources for Making, check out my Pinterest Board.

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