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iDream of Boxes

The official date of this year’s Global Cardboard Challenge is October 11, 2014.  But my students and our school Maker Club have been working on their projects for the last few weeks.  We will be hosting a Cardboard Arcade on October 15th, and donating the money to a charity chosen by the students, Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation. Come and join us at Main Event if you live in the San Antonio area!

I really do dream of boxes right now.  And I look at every package that I receive much differently – sometimes the box is more exciting than what it contains.

cardboard arcade

To encourage our school community to attend our event on the 15th, I used iMovie on one of the school iPads and created a “Fairytale” trailer.  (I ended up doing a little tweaking on my Mac at home, too.) In case you ever want to use the Movie Trailer feature of iMovie with your students, I highly recommend these great fillable PDF templates from Tony Vincent.  Doing a Movie Trailer is a lot easier when you plan the shots ahead of time using these forms.

Usually I would have the students create the movie – but if you read my Monday post you will see that there have been some technical difficulties in my world lately and we ran out of time.  So I compiled pics and videos of the students instead – and got some input from a few of them of what to include. Here’s our iMovie glimpse of what they have been doing. (Or you can watch it below.)  You can also see some pics of the students in action on our class blog.

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