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More Rocket Science Resources

Last week I posted about a great Kindle book by Brett Hoffstadt that gives practical advice on How to Be a Rocket Scientist. (The book is currently available for download on Amazon for $2.99.)  Through various social media outlets I learned of a few other rocket science resources that might interest anyone who wants to inspire students to consider that career.

All About That Space” is a fun NASA Intern parody of  Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.”  I love this fun video for several reasons, including the fact that there are many “real people” who appear in it – men and women of more than one ethnicity – which might dispel some of the stereotypes associated with science careers.

from "All About That Space"
from “All About That Space”

The SimpleRockets app, which is available for free on iOS or $1.99 on Google Play (not sure about the reason for the discrepancy), reminds me a lot of some of the coding activities my students did last week. However, in this particular game the pieces that need to be put together are rocket parts instead of blocks.  Not being a rocket scientist, I can’t judge the game on its realism, but it does seem to be a great introduction to rocket science, and could make the topic seem much less mysterious and intimidating to children.

from the SimpleRockets iOS app
from the SimpleRockets iOS app

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  1. You beat me with the video! I’m posting that to my blog later today. Thanks for the game info too! I will check that out and probably spread the word on that too.

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