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If Money Didn’t Matter…

Powerball tickets can’t be printed fast enough right now.  Everyone has hopes of winning that big prize, of suddenly being in the enviable position of never having to worry about how to pay the bills again.

Many people like to dream about what they would do if they woke up one day to learn they have unlimited wealth.  How would their lives be different?

I feel like I am doing exactly what I have always wanted to do – maybe not with all of the freedom I imagined, but teaching has always been instinctive and fulfilling for me.  It surprises me when people say they never really knew how they wanted to spend their lives and kind of aimlessly went through the motions until they landed in a career.  But I find that is really the majority, and I am more fortunate than I ever would have guessed to be able to identify and live out my passion.

In this video from National Geographic, Alan Watts, a famous philosopher, strongly argues for doing what you love. It’s not necessarily a video I would show to elementary students, but I wish that all high school freshmen could see it.  And I wish that we modeled and supported this whole-heartedly in our educational system…

Alan Watts

2 thoughts on “If Money Didn’t Matter…”

  1. This video puts a lot of things into perspective! I’m in college and I can definitely say I’d still take my course even if money didn’t matter. And that quote!

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