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Reverse Brainstorming

I feel like teaching children to brainstorm has become more and more difficult as my teaching career progresses.  Even my younger students who, in theory, should be less inhibited, barely manage “brain drizzles” until they’ve had lots of practice.  It is very hard to encourage them to understand that quantity can be better than quality when that is the opposite of what they are told most of the time.  (See this article that cites an example of the importance of quantity in an interesting study.)

I recently ran across the technique of “reverse brainstorming” in this article from Edudemic.  Mind Tools also has an article about using reverse brainstorming here.  I have never tried this with my students before, but it looks like a lot of fun.  I decided to try it myself first.

Problem:  How can I get students to increase the quantity of ideas when they brainstorm?

Reverse Problem: How can I get students to generate the least number of ideas when they brainstorm?

  • tell them their ideas have to be perfect or they can’t come to class anymore
  • refuse to give them a writing utensil
  • tell them that no silly ideas are allowed
  • take away 5 minutes of recess for every idea they write
  • don’t let them talk to anyone
  • count down the time out loud while they are brainstorming
  • distract them with a snake or candy (both are equally distracting)
  • emphasize handwriting and spelling
  • make them sing their ideas to the rest of the class

So now that I have a list of what not to do, how can that help me think of something I can do?

Well, reverse brainstorming was fun, so I’m going to definitely have the students give that a try.  Also, looking at the list I notice that a few of my ideas have to do with writing. Students are allowed to draw but that seems to hamper them more. One thing my students seem to have no trouble with is talking – so maybe I could put them in small groups and let them record their idea.

Do you have any creative ideas for brainstorming?  Feel free to add them in the comments below!


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