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We’re All Scared

One of the Gurus of Genius Hour, Joy Kirr (@JoyKirr), shared a document of “Videos for Genius Hour” on Twitter recently.  There are many videos on there that I haven’t seen, so I truly felt like I came across treasure of immense proportions when I opened the link to Joy’s document.  Whether it’s because it’s the month of October and ghouls and goblins haunt most of the yards in my neighborhood, or for other reasons, We’re All Scared was the first title that caught my attention.

image from Wikimedia
image from Wikimedia

We’re All Scared is about creativity and the fear that we all have of sharing our creations because, well, JUDGEMENT!  The part that intrigued me the most was when the host, Hank, argues that we all are creators because, at the very least, we spend our lives creating ourselves.  The reason we fear judgement is because we don’t want someone to create a wrong or incomplete image of us in their own minds – which pretty much supports my theory that we are not only all scared, but we are also all CONTROL FREAKS and the people who call me a control freak (who shall remain nameless) should not throw stones in glass houses, or at my creations, for that matter.

It’s quite likely that your students will not read quite as much into the video as I did.  However, I think We’re All Scared is great to show older students who have a few more inhibitions than the primary kids who proudly exhibit every unidentifiable thing they make with the earnest expectation that you will frame it immediately 😉

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  1. Wow-that’s like finding treasure! I will have to watch those videos-thank you for sharing! It is also interesting to think everyone is scared to share their ideas-I thought it was just me 🙂 I’m glad many people get over that fear and decide to share themselves.

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