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8 Halloween BreakoutEdu Games

UPDATE 10/25/2022: The links below no longer work.  You can access October BreakoutEdu games here this year.  However, many of them require a paid subscription.  Here is a link to three free digital escape rooms with a Halloween theme.   If you want some more Halloween ideas, I have an updated list of links here. I also published this post, “13 Little to No Prep Halloween Activities” in October of 2022.

Warning: Once you do any kind of BreakoutEdu game in your class, your students will beg you for more.  On my first day back with my 5th grade GT class this year, the most pressing question they had was, “Are we going to do another BreakoutEdu game today?” (We didn’t – but only because I don’t like to be quite that predictable.)

BreakoutEdu often provides games around holiday themes, and Halloween is no exception.  You can find their list of 8 Halloween games, suited for different ages and group sizes, here.  Remember, you will need to register, for free, in order to receive the password that gives you full access to the games, set-up instructions, and printables.

If you teach in a non-Halloween classroom, or just want to add even more fun and hijinks to the learning, here is a page of Global Read Aloud themed games from BreakoutEdu. Or, just go down that rabbit hole, and start on this page, which has all of the categories of games that you could possibly need.

Oh no!  Did this dog just “Breakout?”  Don’t worry, the sheriff is on the case! (image from Petful)

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