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What’s a Cookie?

If you are in the United States today, you may be stuffing yourself with turkey and cranberry sauce.  But Cookie Monster wants only one thing – regardless of the country he is in.  In this hilarious video with John Oliver, Cookie Monster learns the devastating news that cookies go by a different name in the UK.

Cookie Monster and John Oliver

You can catch this same dynamic duo in another funny video, “W-ord Channel 7 News.

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W-ord Channel 7 News

I am literally typing on my keyboard with my fingers right now as I literally attempt to compose this Phun Phriday blog post without literally exaggerating the cleverness of this video.

Comedian/Talk-Show Host John Oliver teamed up with Cookie Monster to make this hilarious 5-minute news parody about words in the headlines.  Despite the presence of Cookie Monster, the video’s amusement factor increases proportionally with your age, as you will understand more of the references.

Even though I usually try not to stick in any curriculum references on my Phun Phriday post, I could literally envision my students attempting a similar video with some of our vocabulary words…