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Coming Up in January, 2023!

I’ve just updated my January/Winter Holidays Wakelet — which means that there are a few more new links you can find and some outdated ones that I’ve deleted. It includes resources for MLK Day, Lunar New Year, and Holocaust Remembrance Day. The Holocaust Remembrance Day is a new column that I just added. One of the resources I added to that column is a picture book called, Bartali’s Bicycle. This was one of the Texas Bluebonnet Books for which I had the opportunity to write curriculum for a local school district, and it really made an impression on me when I read it. It is the true story of the heroic Italian cyclist named Gino Bartali, who secretly saved countless lives during World War II. Students will be amazed by his daring and innovation, and you can find a link to a discussion guide on the author’s website.

visit the author’s page here

Also, just a reminder that I’m scheduled to present at TCEA in San Antonio with Amy Chandler (Assistant Director of Gifted and Talented in North East Independent School District) on January 30th, 2023, on Digital Differentiation. We’d love to see you in person!

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All The Things

My posts are usually about one topic, but I have so many random things to share today that I just decided to go with a list!

  • I just added a link to my Wordle Variations Wakelet for Flippity WordMaster! Now you can create your own custom Wordles for class with lists of words!
  • Speaking of Wakelet, you may have missed my Lunar New Year post on Friday where I shared the link for my February Wakelet. If you look at it on a desktop/laptop screen, you will see columns for different February events, including Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, and the Superbowl! Please share anything you think I need to add! February is technically Black History Month, but I choose to celebrate an inclusive history all year, so I have a link to my Anti-Racist Wakelet in the February list as well. Follow me for more Wakelet collections here!
  • I hope this embeds correctly as it is a Tweet from Yo-Yo Ma that he dedicated to teachers, and it’s beautiful, and all of you deserve it right now!
  • Lastly, I am really, really planning to have my first online course, An Intro To Genius Hour, out tomorrow, February 1st (fingers crossed). It will be free for a limited time, so be sure to sign up to be notified! You will get one hour of continuing education credit (always check with your administrator to make sure they will accept it in your district).

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Lunar New Year

As I was searching for links to add to my February Wakelet, I knew that I needed to include some for Chinese New Year, which will be celebrated on Feb. 1 this year (2022). I am always struggling to be more inclusive with my vocabulary, and was surprised to learn that there are other countries (notably Korea and Vietnam) that celebrate the New Year based on the cycles of the moon. This means that it is probably more fitting for us to call this holiday the “Lunar New Year” so that we are acknowledging all of those who observe this holiday, rather than just one large one. It might be interesting for your students to do some research to find out how the Lunar New Year traditions differ in each of the three main countries who celebrate it.

Though it may seem like just semantics to call it Lunar New Year instead of Chinese New Year, I am painfully conscious that centering the holiday around one country made me unaware that others also celebrated until I was 53 years old. It’s not a small thing to ignore something that is important to millions of people. So, now that I know, I will definitely try to use “Lunar New Year” unless I am referring to a country-specific celebration. Here are some student perspectives on why they believe the phrasing is important.

I’ll be adding this to my Anti-Racism Wakelet, and you can find links to educational sites about the Lunar New Year on my February Wakelet. Please let me know if you have more ideas to include!

By the way, Google “Chinese” or “Vietnamese” or “Korean” New Year, and wait a moment on the page for a special surprise!

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