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My Album

Yesterday, I was browsing through the day’s Apps Gone Free (using the app on my iPhone), and was intrigued by the description of “My Album“.  Always a bargain hunter, I was even more interested when I saw that this free app was usually priced at $4.99.  I quickly downloaded it to our school iPad, and started to play with its many features.  I was very impressed. “My Album” allows you to create virtual scrapbook “albums” with as many pages as you like.  On each page, you can add backgrounds, pictures, clip art, text, and even drawing.  You can resize and rotate the pictures, use your own photos as backgrounds or the ones in the app, and choose from dozens of fonts for your text.  The best thing about the app is the many ways that you can share your albums and/or pages.  You can e-mail them in jpg or pdf formats, save them to your iPad Photos, or save them as pdf’s on the iPad.  Oh, and you can include music on your pages (I haven’t explored this feature, yet.)

This is a lot of great stuff in one app.  Your students could use this for creating presentations.  You could use it to keep records of daily class activities in an album to be shared on a blog or printed at the end of the year.  There are lots of ways you can use this in the classroom.

The Help menu is fantastic – with short videos that explain each feature.  You can also go to the developer’s website for a longer video that shows all of the app’s abilities.

I don’t know how long this app will be free.  There is a free version of it in the iTunes store, as well, but I am not certain how it differs from this one.  Get the full version today, if you can!

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