10 Ways GT Has Helped Me

from the post, "Ten Ways Gifted Education Has Helped Me", by Tamara
from the post, “Ten Ways Gifted Education Has Helped Me“, by Tamara Fisher

I ran across this post by Tamara Fisher on “Unwrapping the Gifted”, and thought it was an excellent idea. Basically, she allowed each of her GT classes to create a top 10 list on her whiteboard of the ways GT has helped them. She has students from primary through high school, so it is interesting to see the advancement of the lists, yet the common themes throughout. I recommend taking a look at her examples, and then giving it a try yourself. I can’t wait to see what my own students have to say!

Unwrapping the Gifted

I came across this blog post on ScoopIt the other day, and enjoyed the humor in Tamara Fisher’s article called “Two Seconds”.  The most important part of the article, however, is near the end.  Tamara tells the story of one of her gifted students, whose teacher has a unique approach for differentiating for Spelling.  Even the teacher’s plan was not challenging enough for this particular student, however, so the teacher modified it once more to the student’s delight.  Tamara concludes by saying, “Some kids will need an alternative alternative!”  This is such a true statement, and I love that this child’s teacher recognized how a slight change could make such a difference to this student.  To read about the teacher’s idea for Spelling, and how she adjusted to her student’s unique spelling abilities, visit Tamara Fisher’s article.  You will enjoy it!