Unwrapping the Gifted

I came across this blog post on ScoopIt the other day, and enjoyed the humor in Tamara Fisher’s article called “Two Seconds”.  The most important part of the article, however, is near the end.  Tamara tells the story of one of her gifted students, whose teacher has a unique approach for differentiating for Spelling.  Even the teacher’s plan was not challenging enough for this particular student, however, so the teacher modified it once more to the student’s delight.  Tamara concludes by saying, “Some kids will need an alternative alternative!”  This is such a true statement, and I love that this child’s teacher recognized how a slight change could make such a difference to this student.  To read about the teacher’s idea for Spelling, and how she adjusted to her student’s unique spelling abilities, visit Tamara Fisher’s article.  You will enjoy it!

Word Search Creator, Jr.

Word Search Creator, Jr. is one of the many interactives available on ABCya.com.  This particular game allows the user to type in ten words that are eight letters or less.  It then generates one-line horizontal word searches for each word.  This would be a great way to differentiate for those younger students who know their spelling words backwards and forwards, or who might want to do a little independent research and create a list of their own.  This game has a dragon, who guides the user through the steps, including the creation step which allows the student to decide if the activity will be done on the computer or printed out.

While you are visiting Word Search Creator, Jr., check out the other activities available on ABCya.com.  They offer fun, educational games for K-5, and they even have apps for iDevices.

My Favorite Vocabulary Building Websites

I thought this might be a good time of year to summarize and emphasize some of the most valuable resources I have reviewed so far.  Today’s list is the last of my “Favorites” posts for 2011.  Here are my Favorite Vocabulary Building Websites:

#3:  Vocab Ahead – This site includes videos and a feature for teachers to create personalized lists and embed them on their websites or blogs.  This site is primarily for upper level students, as it hits pretty hard on SAT vocabulary.

#2:  Word Sort – You have to figure out the secret rule for classifying the words.  I love that this simple game involves logical reasoning, as well as building vocabulary.

#1:  VocabularySpelling City –  This site allows teachers to build their own lists, offers lists that have already been created, and encourages practice on the students’ parts by playing a variety of games with the words.

Here are the links to my posts on each of these sites:  Vocab Ahead, Word Sort, VocabularySpelling City