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An Awesome Book

An Awesome Book was recently featured on the blog iLearn Technology, by Kelly Tenkely.  This book, written by Dallas Clayton for his son, is about dreaming big and dreaming different.  It is about being creative and not restricting yourself to society’s norms.  Clayton originally self-published the book, unable to find anyone to take on the project.  After making an impact around the world, he was finally contacted by a major publisher.  The book is now available for purchase at major retailers.  What is fabulous, though, is that Clayton and the publisher also agreed to make the book available for free online.  You can go here to view the book and a short video of the author.  Kelly Tenkely has a few recommendations for how this resource can be used in the classroom on her blog.  This book will inspire you and your students!

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  1. Hi Terri,

    I work at a digital kids book publishing company called Storypanda. We are publishing a new book by Dallas Clayton tomorrow (December 20th) on the iPad. His vivid illustrations and inspirational messages are wonderful on the digital landscape.

    The book is about a dinosaur who dreams his birthday party is on the moon. Dallas narrates the story himself in the Read To Me option. I would love to have you review the app. Please feel free to get in touch via email.


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