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“Wordplay” by Flocabulary

image from: http://flocabulary.com/figurative-language/

Flocabulary is a site that bills itself as “Hip-Hop in the Classroom”.  I used to access it regularly for their wonderful “The Week in Rap”, which, basically, was a summary of the week’s current events with interesting visuals and a catchy rap to accompany it.  Unfortunately, this became part of Flocabulary’s subscription program, and I sadly had to discontinue my students’ weekly viewing (sometimes the only exposure that they had to what was in the news).  However, Flocabulary does offer some free videos, and I caught a new one this week about figurative language called, “Wordplay“.  It’s a fun video to show your students if you are in the midst of teaching them about personification, metaphors, similes, etc…

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